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Remodeling: Wave shaped 22ct ring

These two beautiful old 22ct rings had been inherited by a customer. They wanted to combine them into a new wedding ring with a hammer textured finish that would fit their engagement ring.

Making new wire

I began by melting down the vintage 22ct rings and pouring the molten gold into an ingot mould. 22ct gold is beautifully soft and malleable, it moves and stretches easily. I hammered the ingot them stretched it out in a rolling mill into a length of thick, lightly D shaped wire.

Shaping the ring

To make the curved wave shape I filed a grove in the wire (to make the sharp point of the wave) and bent it at an angle. The rest of the gentle curve is formed with pliers, gently pulling the ring around into shape. The flat wire then holds this wave form even when it’s bent round into a ring.

Finishing the form

Once rounded I sized and soldered the ring before refining the shape further with a file.

The final step was to add soft, subtle hammered finish with one of my smallest round faced hammers. The result is a soft, glimmering texture that’s not too sparkly – perfect with the warm hue of the 22ct yellow gold.

Finished 22ct Gold Wave Ring: