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A jewellery designer and goldsmith working from an independent studio on the Cornish coast.

Becca Williams Jeweller & Goldsmith
Becca Williams


I fell in love with metalwork whilst doing an A Level in Jewellery Design, a lifetime ago in Sixth Form. I’m eternally grateful to the DT teacher who added it to the timetable, and let a clueless 17 year old play with a blowtorch.

Since then I’ve gained a degree in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, been a pearl threader, an enamel polisher, and a workshop assistant to one of the country’s most respected (and kindest) goldsmiths. In 2018 I relocated to the Cornish coast and now run my own workshop & gallery in Penryn.

After 15 years I’m still fascinated by the possibilities of jewellery design. I love how much meaning can be woven in, what the materials can do, and getting covered in grime and gold dust. The best part is making ideas into reality, be that a simple wedding band or a complex, bespoke necklace and earring set.

I currently do a lot of remodelling, deconstructing older pieces before putting them back together again. I love hearing the history of these wonderful pieces of jewellery, and get a little window into the lives and stories of the families who own them.

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Commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery is an opportunity to have something made entirely for you. I take a collaborative approach to commissions where we work together to realise your ideas: whether it’s modifying one of my existing jewellery designs or creating something completely new.

My current favourites...

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My first workshop was tiny and cosy, barely big enough for one, and I was sad to lose it. But this led me into a much bigger space, and in 2016 I took the plunge and invited strangers in.


The first wedding ring workshop I taught was terrifying – surely they won’t show up? Surely I’ll be a terrible teacher? Surely something will go wrong. But at 3 o’clock that afternoon we were all still alive, fingers still attached, and two perfect wedding rings sat on the bench. It’s one of my proudest moments.

I’ve helped hundreds of couples make their own wedding rings, but it’s as special as ever.

make your own wedding ring
Hallmarking jewellery
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Hallmarking is one of the oldest forms of consumer protection in the world and gives your jewellery a place in history.

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