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Make Your Own Bespoke Wedding Rings

A Romantic Experience in a Cornish Jewellery Workshop

Wedding rings are a symbol of eternal love and commitment, and a physical manifestation of a couple’s vows and dedication to each other. Their circular shape represents infinity, and their exchange during the wedding ceremony symbolises a powerful declaration of love.

Traditionally wedding rings have been bought as they are, but increasingly couples are choosing to take part in the collaborative experience of making their own wedding rings. In the run up to the wedding when the wedmin (wedding admin!) is all consuming, taking time out to enjoy a romantic jewellery workshop is often a breath of fresh air, a chance to spend quality time with each other, and a reminder that it’ll all be worth it.

Working on your own and your partner’s wedding rings makes them even more sentimental, knowing your loved one’s touch has shaped and refined the jewellery you’ll wear each and every day. A little piece of them will always be with you.

What to Expect

My jewellery workshop is based in the historic Cornish town of Penryn, near vibrant and popular Falmouth which is a must-visit destination renowned for its restaurants, galleries, independent shops, and nearby beaches. It’s a fantastic place to stay if you’re tempted to make a weekend of it!

You’ll have exclusive access to the workshop and the tools, with just you and I in there making your custom wedding rings. My Cornish jewellery workshop has all the weird and wonderful tools needed to create luxury jewellery and allow you to put your own personal touch into the design. You’ll be with me for the day, and the experience is super relaxed and easy-going.

To start the day I’ll make you a cuppa, and double check your ring sizes, then I’ll guide you through the process, making sure you feel at ease the whole time. There is no experience necessary, and the beauty of making jewellery is that mistakes can often be rectified – so let go of any fear! It’s worth mentioning that although no experience is necessary, I personally ensure that the finished rings are made to an exceptional standard, and are well made, luxurious pieces made professionally. With over 15 years’ experience as a jewellery designer and maker, not a lot can phase me when it comes to making jewellery.

You can choose to melt down your own precious metals, perhaps using old rings you already have or work with specific metals I have sourced. We’ll have decided on the size, style, and finish of your bespoke Cornish wedding rings in previous chats. After the workshop I send them to the Assay Office to have your rings hallmarked, which is a legal requirement, and arrange any stone settings or engravings.

Once they are back with me, I’ll deliver, or you can collect your unique, handmade wedding rings!

Wedding Ring Styles and Options

There are plenty of options and ways to make your rings unique. You and your partner can have different rings that complement one another, or a matching set.

Your bespoke wedding rings can be made in:

  • Sterling Silver (recycled)

  • 9ct Yellow, Red or White Gold (SMO, recycled or fairtrade)

  • 14ct Yellow Gold (SMO, recycled or fairtrade)

  • 18ct Yellow. Red or White Gold (SMO, Recycled, or Fairtrade)

  • 22 ct Yellow Gold (SMO)

  • Platinum

There are varying band styles, you might go for a classic court shaped ring, or a more contemporary flat band. To further personalise your wedding rings, you can choose to add stones and/or sweet engraving dates and messages. The brochure here outlines the possible wedding ring styles, and details the costs of optional extras.